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What is this place?

A small virtual shopping arcade, run by a web graduate who likes to do a variety of things to earn a living. Such as...

Making things

I sell items that are made by hand to suit any occasion. Mainly dragonscale gloves in a variety of colours and lengths, including Pride flag colours, with a growing collection of other things to offer.

Coding things

Building web apps that people can enjoy, or otherwise make use of. There are currently two side-projects being worked on; one for students and one for people who play any of the Sims series.

Hosting things

Currently at aspiration stage; one service I aim to offer is a one-stop web host and development package for smaller projects, including start-ups and non-profit organisations, with the smaller budget in mind.

I have things for sale right now, so take a look around, see what you fancy. Most of these items are made to order, so if you have any questions, just drop me a message.