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Cardigan experiment

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This is a cardigan I’m working on; the pattern is a hexagonal hooded cardigan by #yarnutopia – except I’m conducting a little experiment:

The pattern author suggests a lightweight yarn and a larger hook, as the garment is quite heavy. I have dyspraxia, which gives me a kind of sensory processing disorder, so have been looking into weighted items (like blankets) for a while. I therefore decided to try the opposite approach for a denser – and hopefully heavier – item. 

I also tried to be clever with using self-striping yarn – this is the originally named Caron cake (as in yarn cake), in Red Velvet. Am undecided on how well this’ll look – and am already finding that denser = more yarn needed than the suggested 6, especially as I was eyeing up my tutor’s maxi-length cardigan this morning…

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