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Cardigan is now finished

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So, I finished my cardigan a few days ago. Didn’t add pockets in the end, not sure I want to now.

Decided to wear this to my nerd-friendly local tonight (well, last night) to give it a road test. I tend to bring my yarn on quiet nights, which in itself has been a conversation starter when I start working, and this night was no exception.


We had a lock-in to see in Xmas. Had been making a glove at the bar, got talking to one of my fellow regulars. During lock-in, the subject of my crochet came up (namely, reminding myself I have assignments to do), and he remarked that “Well, you probably made this too”, indicating my jacket.

I replied with “I did, actually”.

He gawped at me in surprise, before examining my work. Said his mother would love something like this – and asked for a commission. Landlady piped up requesting the same. Neither cared about the issue I had with the self-striping yarn – in fact, they said, it added to the charm.

I got offered a price of £70 for each one. Both want bigger versions of what I’m wearing, including the motley look acquired through self-striping yarn.

I raved about this to my friend later (who I made the scarf for), to which he responded “Well, they are professional looking things.”

To think I only took up crochet about 4 months ago… wow :3

It’s now 5am, and I’ve already had the best Xmas ever

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