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Glove experiment with a different yarn

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So, here’s what these gloves look like with a different yarn – one I’ve had my eye on for a while, just because it’s so pretty :3 The colour pictured is Genie (the naming scheme uses mythical creatures).


This is Lion Brand Mandala – they come in 150g cakes, and the colour change is more gradual. I therefore made them longer to compensate – although I have mixed feelings about the colour variation of this one.

The below pics are in order, starting from the beginning of the yarn to about halfway through. I can see why the pattern author uses two skeins when making a pair “to control the colours”. Have tried the same approach for a Xmas present by ordering two, hopefully will look better as a result.

If/when I start selling these ones, they’ll be £15 for extra-long, with a heads-up for colour variance if need be.

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