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I had a commission from someone in my Empire group, asking for a messenger-type bag in our group colours. I finished it over the weekend just gone – customer is very happy with it


There are no patterns out there for a bag like this, so I grabbed inspiration from a couple of similar patterns and winged the rest. Turned out pretty well, considering.

Full view of bag Close up of bag
Full view of bag Close up of bag

If you’d like something I haven’t yet made, you can get it for “prototype price”. This means that the item is technically a prototype (i.e. never attempted it before), so it would be the equivilent of Amazon’s Warehouse Deals. On the other hand, you’d get a heavily discounted price for it (think ad hoc cardigan order that I posted about a while ago).

If you’d like to commission something not in the shop, drop me a message.

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