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This was a university assignment for Responsive Web Design; however, since I was doing another module that needed a website built, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. The project needing a website is a group called GigaLife which I was part of.

The brief for this assignment was as follows:

Design and implement a professional responsive website that is made up of a reasonable number (minimum of 6) of relevant and related pages.


  1. The website should be browser-independent (supporting the major browsers).
  2. The website should be mobile compatible to a reasonable degree, that is the website should work properly (easy to use, look good and render suitably - content may vary) across a variety of screen resolutions (i.e. mobile devices as well as large screens).
  3. The website must include some form of JavaScript functionality and process and display JSON data.
  4. Please note that the emphasis of this assignment is on front-end web design and development, and while server-side technologies may be utilised (such as PHP), such code will not be assessed beyond the overall front-end user experience.
  5. Also note that, while the use of CSS Responsive Frameworks is allowed, please ensure that you read the marking criteria carefully to understand the impact of using a framework to assist you with the development process.

To produce this website, I worked with our team leader; I showed him designs and adjusted the appearance when necessary.

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Further details about this site are listed below:

About the website

This is an information website for a group project for another assignment; the task is to create a technology product and devise a business plan around it. This website is one of the marketing tools for this product.

The requirements are quite simple:

  • Provide information on a game being designed, that helps to raise awareness of autism
  • The website only needs a handful of pages:
    • Home page – introduction to the company and the product
    • Game information – provide more information about the game being designed
    • About – more information about the business
    • Contact page – form that user fills in to email the company
    • Links page – this provides links to other useful websites related to autism and mental health
    • Privacy policy – because it’s a legal requirement in the UK and EU
  • The target audience is anyone over the age of fourteen, who are either on the autistic spectrum, know someone who is, or just wants to know more about this condition
  • There will be use of screenshots and character artwork to show how the game looks once the project gets to that stage
  • The website has the company logo at the top; the colour scheme of the website reflects those chosen by the team leader
  • The look aimed for is “fairly formal”

It is currently text-heavy as there is no imagery available. Once artwork and screenshots are acquired, these will be added to the site; in the meantime, I have tried to add a little variety where possible, even if just to change the bullets to hearts (reflecting the logo).

I also designed the logo for our group (shown on the site), again by working with the team leader. I had not used Illustrator for a long time, and I am in no way a qualified graphic designer, but I can still produce some nice artwork where needed.

Project details
Date completed 10th Jan 2017
Link to live site
Reason for site University assignment
Skills used HTML5, jQuery, JSON, SASS